Pierre Debusschere / 254Forest

Pierre Debusschere is a young Belgian photo­grapher and director. Head of the ­254FOREST collective, he is represented by New York based Art + Commerce, one of the most prestigious agencies for photographers and directors in the world. He regularly collaborates with Raf Simons, Dazed&Confused, Vogue Homme Japan and Another Magazine, among others.

His personal visual identity, like that of 254­FOREST studio, needed to reflect the avant-garde and experimental character of his creations.

Dramatization is the key to 254FOREST logo. The idea was to draw inspiration from dense, obscure, and fanciful iconography, while adding elements as varied as film credits and studio logos, profound sentiments and innermost thoughts.

The lettering chosen directly references the fashion sector. Codefrisko decided to integrate a particular symbol into this lettering: the lightning bolt. Lightning for the pun on illumination, a quick wit, a visionary or electrifying idea, or a photographic flash. Lightening also for its emotional charge, its ability to reveal deep feelings, to surprise, notions at the heart of Pierre Debusschere’s work. It’s about expressing a gripping, romantic and sometimes almost violent epic.
This same concept is translated in an experiential fashion on the studio website, through the orchestration of images, background motifs, sound elements and its navigation, but also through rich multimedia content drawing on the diverse activities of the studio.


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