Code Magazine 2.0 is a free, biannual magazine devoted to the young art scene, a creative and critical platform that seeks out new talent, bringing together artists, curators, critics and art lovers. Conceived as a creative space (carte blanche given to artists, visual essays, a “Do It Yourself” section), Code Magazine 2.0 is also a collector’s object, a timeless publication, and an enjoyable means of discovering new things.

Code Magazine 2.0, from the start named Code Magazine Belgium, was founded in 2005 by Mariana Melo, David de Tscharner and ­Thomas Wyngaard (Codefrisko). The magazine addres­ses a wide public, from curious amateurs to contemporary art professionals.

The idea was to touch a large public by bringing together the principle of a free magazine with a classic, rigorous layout. The layout, whose distribution of spaces and zones of text is based on the golden ratio, references old books. The choice of timeless fonts (like Gara­mond) paired with more dynamic image and text formatting based on pictograms, makes the mock-up at once contemporary and classic, in order to address a diverse audience.

The cover of the magazine presents gradations of varying colors for each issue, over a background of black and white archival images, forming a homogenous collection. The easily transportable format and the use of recycled paper accentuate the object’s sober and practical side.

Code Magazine 2.0 is a “cross-border” project. Originally published in Brussels, and now in Paris, it is not impossible that the magazine will continue to travel and win over readers elsewhere in the world.