King Philippe of Belgium Glass

21st of July 2013, a very special day in Belgium - a very new King - Philippe.

Codefrisko has been requested to design a "limited edition" glass, to be found in the best café's around Brussels, including Belga, Flamingo, Bar du Matin, Potemkine, Chez Franz…

For that project, we came up with the idea to play with words and try to do it in a very belgian way, with humour. The RE-FILL > RE-PHIL wordplay popped up almost instantly while discussing and laughing in search for ideas (special thanks to Valentine De Cort who also took part in the brainstorming). We also added the "upside down" crown on top of the glass, so everyone could be king that night!

Go, drink a beer, grab your own glass and bring it home (unless the 5.000 copies are "sold out" - Hurry up). Can you P H I L it?

Pictures by Christophe Coënon, Codefrisko, Flamingo

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