L'Atelier Blanc

L’Atelier Blanc is the name of renowned colo­rist Frédéric Mennetrier’s Paris salon. It’s an intimate and timeless space. Frédéric Mennetrier is also a consultant and lecturer for numerous major cosmetic brands such as L’Oréal Professionnel. He additionally collaborates with major fashion photographers, advertising and modeling agencies, as well as the international press.

After having forged a solid reputation with a professional clientele, Frédéric Mennetrier decided to share his savoir-faire with the general public. L’Atelier Blanc saw the light of day, in the form of a veritable cabinet of curiosities, offering the same level of experience and expertise to individual clients.

Codefrisko’s mission was to express the exclusivity of the establishment, its very high-end position and professional mastery, but also Frédéric Mennetrier’s personality: a slightly eccentric image, a place where every visit is an experience unto itself, a moment outside of time.

With its ornamental aspect, the cameo of the logo conjures up rarity, delicacy, and antique nobility. The hourglass icon, also taken up in the border frieze, symbolizes stopped time and suggests the chemist’s vial and elixirs for eternal beauty. L’Atelier Blanc is a laboratory for creating formulas and colors.

In order to underline Frédéric Mennetrier’s humorous and creative traits, the graphic work is complemented by an illustration by Valentine de Cort, adding a touch of gaiety, lightness, and frivolity, in short, Parisian chic.

www.latelierblanc.com website by Digital Park — Illustration by Valentine De Cort
Pictures by Tania & Vincent, Christophe Coënon, Codefrisko

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