De Gris

De Gris is a young, high-end French leather goods brand, launched during Paris fashion week in early 2013. Their bags are responsibly handcrafted between Paris and Haiti and their distinctive mark is a combination of leather and horn.

The challenge for the image of this new brand was to find a balance between the codes of the luxury industry and more natural, animal ones linked to the materials used in fabrication. De Gris positions itself as an ambassador of a French tradition, guided by Haitian influences. It’s a story of travel that implies an ethical dimension, without being ethnic.

Codefrisko proposed a logo evoking an idea of authenticity while adding a hint of imperfection and lived history to a classic, traditional foundation.

The delicacy of this logo, in the form of a seal, recalls in turn travel and the nobility and prestige of great Houses. From the fusion of two classic and timeless fonts is born a unique and contemporary typeface. The imperfection of the forms, with the almost esoteric symbol, stands out from the smoothness of the seal, suggesting the horn work and the material’s animality.

“De Gris is writing a contemporary story, whose refinement and quality will seduce the most demanding. A story the initiated pass on like a secret one loves to share.”
— Justin Morin website by Digital Park — Photography © Pascal Montary

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